Saturday, December 14, 2013

Perfect Party Appetizer: Yummy Bacon Bites

Going to a party this season? Of course you are! And, most likely you will need to bring some sort of snack or appetizer to share...why not make Yummy Bacon Bites
This delicious finger-food only needs a few ingredients, is desirable (I mean, who doesn't like bacon???) and can be used for a casual or fancier affair.

 To start, you'll need some bacon, cans of water chestnuts, and a pan (I used a broiler pan).
 I used my kitchen shears to cut my bacon in half, but have also cut my bacon in thirds...just depends on how much bacon you want in each bite ;)
 Grab a water chestnut
 Place it on one end of your bacon strip
 Roll up the water chestnut inside the bacon strip
 Now the water chestnut has a pig blanket
 Place each Bacon Bite seam side down on your pan
 Cook at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes (depending on how thick the cut of your bacon is)
 Pull the pan out of the oven and flip over each bite (trying not to unroll the bacon)--making them seam side up. Place back in the oven to cook for 10 more minutes.

If you like your bacon on the crispy side, turn your oven to broil (I use the High setting) and cook the bacon for another 3-5 minutes...always watch your food carefully when using the broil setting, you don't want to ruin all your hard work by burning it to a crisp (which can happen in a matter of seconds).

 Once the bacon is cooked to my liking, I take a paper towel and dab off the extra grease. This is not a necessary step; I like to think this makes these more healthy ;)
Then sprinkle the Bacon Bites with seasoning of your choice. I used celery salt, garlic powder and oregano, but your favorite seasoning would also work.
Now, to make your Bacon Bites fancy: instead of using regular toothpicks, pick up some pretty cocktail forks. I bought these fun bamboo cocktail forks at Party City, but you can use a variety of things. And since you waited to put the forks in until after cooking the Bacon Bites, you could even use the plastic toothpicks or swords. Not only do these make the Yummy Bacon Bites pretty, it also makes them super easy to pick up and pop into your mouth

After sticking each Yummy Bacon Bite with a bamboo cocktail fork, I placed them on my serving dish. I started with a single layer, then stacked more and more Yummy Bacon Bites on top in between the first layer's forks.

And if they get cold before serving at your soirée, turn on the host's oven to 350 degrees and warm these puppies up for (no more than) 10 minutes...remember to use an oven safe dish if you plan to heat them up once you get where you're going, that way you can just pop them in the oven and pull them right back out ready to serve.

Worry no more about what to take to the next work party. Laugh in the face of the festive family gathering. Be triumphant at your next tailgating experience. Victory will be yours at the infamous New Year's Eve get-together. Because now you have an easy and delicious appetizer for your next holiday gathering--no matter what the dress code!

Simple, Easy, Yummy Bacon Bites will become your new go-to dish this season!

What other appetizers or snacks have you taken to a party?

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