Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Heart Throb

Here are the final pictures of Widget's Zebra Heart Throb Ensemble...and a picture overload!

 Full outfit...I didn't know how short to cut the ruffle fabric, so I left the skirt the length of the original piece of fabric, and Widget really likes the longer length.

 Widget likes to 'test' the water in the pool whenever we are there without our swimsuit on...

 And despite her silly face, Widget just wanted to tell  you that she {hearts} her Zebra Heart Throb ensemble :)
 And the ruffle on the sleeve adds even more character to the shirt and helps tie everything together.
 Just so excited!
 Another message...
 Oh yeah...
You Rock!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Zebra Heart Throb Ensemble

I gave you a sneak peek of Widget's Valentines outfit in this post. And, now I'm happy to show you the full ensemble...

It started off with a zebra print shirt (from Walmart-less than $4 if I remember correctly), then I free-handed a few hearts onto the shirt with my orange fabric FriXion pen
 Once I had my design planned, I pinned my teal ruffle fabric to the inside of the shirt and made a reverse applique...like this.
 Once the outline was sewn, then I cut away the front pieces of the shirt (inside the stitching).
I kept sewing and cutting until I filled all my design.
 A view of the inside of the shirt...
 I then cut two long strips (of ruffles) and a ruffle to the edge of each sleeve, then sewed them on using a double needle (to match the original hem).
And I made a matching (ruffle) skirt using this tutorial. Tomorrow I'll show you the fun outfit on Widget.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I've been sew busy...

Yep-I've been sewing! And it feels wonderful! I heard angels singing along with the lullaby hum of my lovely machine, who seemed to grin as I sat to face her. And, then I ran out of steam...

...but not until I finished a Valentines outfit for Widget and a skirt for me. So, my day was a success…before I pushed that little black button of death on my machine (is your power button black, too?)

I'm not ready to show you everything, but I'd love to give you a little peek:

Yes, Widget's Valentines outfit is zebra print and teal---what else did you expect? Pink?
Okay, pink would be a good color, but she has requested black/white and rainbow projects recently.....and since black & white are my two favorite colors (or non-colors, really), how could I resist starting that project first :)
And things are still bit slow around here, I'm sorry to say; but I am working on some specific projects for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for your readership and awesome support!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, ya'll! Hope your week started off with a bang…in a good way ;)

My hubby is home today for the US holiday (Martin Luther King Jr Day), so I am away from crafting to hang out as a family. But, I thought I'd share a few pics from our life last week.

Have a good day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Third Thursday with Tash: Themed Baby Quilts

Hello everybody!  I hope your holidays were wonderful. 
During Christmas break Ashley and I decided to take over our mom-in-law’s sewing room and soak up the magic.  That was where this little quilt began.   
It’s a raw edge circle quilt for my neighbor and his wife.  Tom and Becky are having a little girl any day now, she might even be here!  When I asked them if they have a color or theme, they said Minnie Mouse.  Instantly I knew I had to make this style of quilt.  The raw edge gives the baby something to touch and play with, as well as sleep under. 
I’ve never made anything with a raw edge before.  Let’s just say, after the first washing I learned a lot. If you use higher quality fabrics, and a seam allowance greater than a quarter inch, the smaller circles will stand the test of the washer.  Craft and learn, right?  J
This quilt I named The Orange Quilt.  It’s the opposite of the circle quilt:  Rectangles, not circles.  White, not black.  Clean instead of scrappy.  The colors are simply arranged, instead of stacked.  Less fabric, verses as many as possible.  More bold than cute. 
It was made for a couple my husband, Spencer, and I are friends with.  When I asked them if they had a color they were like, they said, “ORANGE!…and green and blue.”  They also decided to not know the gender of their baby until it was born.  With their color scheme I thought for sure they were having a boy.  Still I worked hard to not make it too boyish, just in case.  Glad I went through the effort, because they had a girl. 
This last one I was ever so excited to make.  An old friend, from my swing dancing days, and her hubby were having their first baby.  You guessed it, I also asked her if she had a color in mind, or theme, or both.  They were painting their baby girl’s room yellow and gray, but said I could do pink if I wanted.  Nope! I was itching for an excuse to make a yellow and gray quilt.  It is a popular color combo that I really like.  I almost cried when I mailed the quilt, because I wanted to keep it for myself.  Fortunately I can always make another one.  ;)
Thanks for drooling over my themed baby quilts :) See you next month!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Card Designs!

Happy New Year my peeps! (a little late, but hey) How is your 2013 going so far? Ours has been a bit crazy...well, really the last 5 weeks have been crazy...or maybe we haven't de-boarded the crazy train since January 2012...

Well, now that I'm here (on the blog) hopefully life can normalize a tidbit-fingers crossed!

Before I show you my new card designs, I thought I'd share on of my Christmas presents with you. This awesome gift is from Widget, but it really was a joint effort between the Hubs, my Mother-in-law, Sis-in-law Tash and Widget (due to travel schedules, timing and me not shopping for it myself).

Yes, those are awesome serrated knife-edge dressmaker shears...totally fantastic, right?

Okay, now that I've made you  drool (at least the deep creatively inspired sewist in your head)...let's move onto the main event:

Happy New Card Designs!

 These first two are 3"x3" cards, perfect to attach to small gifts or gifts for small people (like your 9 year-old nephew). I used a mini ink pad to ink up the edges and torn paper to add a vintage vibe to the toy car design.
 I liked the 'bunting' print on the base paper used on the 'Merry + Bright' card, so I used less bold complimentary papers and playful handwriting to complete the design.
 The 'Made With Love' design is also a smaller card, measuring around 2.5"x3.5"
I used washi tape (I ordered from Pick-Your-Plum a couple of months ago)-cutting apart the phrase to use on three different lines. I also pulled a handful of colors of French netting from my stash, and attached it in layers with matching buttons.
And, to get you ready for Valentines Day, here is my 'love you' design. I used two base papers (red with black handwritten 'love' adjacent to black paper with white polka-dots), then I used a printed vellum paper to cover the entire front of the card. I traced one of the words from the red paper in an opportune spot, then made a paper plaque with 'you' written to match-added glittery flowers and attached it over a scrap piece of white lace (with a heart design) and shiny pink rickrack.

I hope these designs inspire you to create something fun-no matter what the medium!

Have a creative day!