Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Giveaway Winners!

Hey ya'll! Hope you are enjoying your week so far. I have been  busy packing more things and selling things as well (like this stuff). But, I can't pack too quickly, since we still have 7 more days of using our stuff before flying back to Missouri. *sigh... It's making me sweat just thinking about it :(

Are you ready to see who won?

If you are reading this, then I think you are already a winner!
But, I want to especially thank the ladies that entered the giveaway for crafty stuff. I had around 25 prizes to send out, and 6 fabulous ladies entered---so I combined the prizes into six groups (+ the Random Craft Kit as the Grand Prize).

Using, the winners were assigned their prize groupings. Here are the ladies and their prizes, in no particular order:

  • Corduroy fabric
  • Spring Mix Card Set 
  • FOE Headband Kit
  • Random Jewelry Kit
 goes to Kiley!

  • Boy Fabric
  • Holiday Mix Card Set
  • FOE Headband Kit
  • Random Jewelry Kit
goes to Mandy!

  • Tutu Kit
  • 'From the Heart' Card Set
  • FOE Headband Kit
  • Hair Clips Kit
 goes to Stacy!

  • Hair Clip Kit
  • FOE Headband Kit
  • Bag-O-Ribbon
  • 'Friend' Card Making Kit

goes to Three Twenty Three Creations!

  • Hair Clip Kit
  • FOE Headband Kit
  • Bag-O-Ribbon
  • 'Love' Card Making Kit
 goes to Domestic Diva!

 goes to Christina!

And the Grand Prize winner of the Random Craft Kit is:

Domestic Diva

Congrats Ladies! Thanks for being my Lovely Stalkers! Winners should receive an email from me today about your winnings. If you do not hear from me today, please send me an email apples(dot)chandler(at) so we make sure to connect.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lovely Peplum Top for Girls

Thanks to all the fabulous ladies that entered my Giveaway. The Giveaway is now closed, and the winners (and their prizes) will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday, February 27, 2013). Make sure to stop by then to see if/what you won!
A Lovely Peplum Top for Girls
As I mentioned in my Things I'm Loving: Kids Edition post, I was asked to be a pattern test for a new peplum pattern from Popolok Designs. The sweetheart, Alviana (from Sewn By Alviana), emailed me because she found my little blog and noticed I like to sew things for Widget. She asked if I'd be willing to test the Cece Top and Dress pattern (now released here and here)...and of course I jumped for joy :)
I jumped with joy for two reasons: I am very flattered and honored to have been asked to be a pattern tester (vs. me requesting or applying) and my little blog caught someone's attention-I mean...she called my blog lovely (a word I use on a regular basis).
Nearly four weeks later, and I'm still jumping :)
Anyway, I gave a few sneak peeks (Pattern Testing and a Plea) of the fabric I was using and (Happy Valentine's Day) of the final photo shoot. Widget loves her new Cece top, especially since it was specially made for her and it looks a bit fancy (also a word I use on a regular basis).
All pattern testers were given exactly two weeks to finish the garment, fill out a survey, and submit pictures of our garments. I went on vacation for most of the first week, so I planned to work faster than my normal speed to meet the deadline-turns out the top took less time than I thought, and it is very lovely! (see, there I go using that word...)

The Cece pattern has a top/shirt or dress option...both with a sweet peplum ruffle (which is popular right now). Besides choosing between a top or dress, you can also decide if the bodice will be sleeve-less or have short sleeves, and to add a 'peter-pan' collar or no collar. This pattern really is versatile.

The bodice itself is a great pattern to have. Instructions are given for a full lining (including sleeves) and how to add an invisible zipper (with seams enclosed in the lining).  The instructions were very easy to follow, especially with the step-by-step colored pictures included. This was my first attempt at adding a lining to a garment (and an invisible zipper with a lining), and I felt fairly confident in my project because the instructions explained the process simply and effectively. Sizes 1-8 are included in the pattern and it was easy to print and put together.

Since my daughter is a size 4/5 in ready-to-wear, I decided the size 5 pattern was a good size to use. However, it was a bit too short in length (like most patterns). She has a slightly narrow frame so I did not want to go up another pattern size just for length. I also think that the waist could be taken in a smidge to give the top a more fitted look, but that is more of a personal preference.

I did make a few alterations (as mentioned before). Widget is pretty long and narrow, so I lengthened the peplum ruffle. I used the size 5 peplum pattern (circumference) but used the size 8 length (waist to hem). I added length to the peplum ruffle because I had already cut the bodice out of my fabric, and did not have extra fabric to play with. I also varied my seam allowance to give a little extra room across the shoulders/chest and less room around the waist.
To finish the hem, I zigzag stitched the raw edges then glued a satin ribbon onto the edge (overlapping approximately 1/4") using Fabric Fusion. This helped me maintain length with the fabric and add more length with the ribbon.
Overall, I enjoyed working with this pattern.
And, I had to take a ton of pictures...I had one necklace in mind for the photo shoot, Widget wanted all three (did you notice the pearls, the large black/white 'Wilma Flintstone' style necklace, and the pink rolled roses?).....and the clouds kept moving so the soft light turned harsh a number of times.
But, here are a few more shots, because I couldn't pick just 3 or 4...
Attitude much???
I allowed her to bring the dog, you know, as a sort-of motivational tool...but then the dog turned into fuzzy slippers (seriously, look at the first picture again *below*, does it not look like she is wearing slippers? Thanks mom for pointing that out :) ) and the dog accidentally 'jumped' into the pool (which actually meant mom had to carry the dog for half the photo shoot so Widget's shirt would not get wet). Grrrr...children! (let the eye-rolling commence).
To re-cap:
  • The pattern was lovely to work with.
  • I love the opportunity to create and share things with ya'll (you lovely stalkers, you)!
  • Stuffed animals are not safe around swimming pools.
  • Black furry dogs look like slippers (when dry).
  • Widget pulls goofy faces all. the. time.
  • I said lovely a total of 7 times in this post (including the title).
  • I hope to be a pattern tester in the future -it was incredibly fun!
  • This post just slid down the slope called 'Long and Rambly.'

Thanks for stickin' with me!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fancy Mini Muffins or Country Chic Mini Muffins

I've been teaching a monthly class/get-together where I supervise other moms making cards, like these. We normally serve some light finger foods at the class. I have bought mini muffin/cupcakes from Walmart before, but thought I would actually make something last month.

And so the Fancy Mini Muffins were created...

Actually, I used a chocolate chip muffin mix (I think it was Pillsbury in a plastic packet). And when I bake mini muffins (or any muffins for that matter), I like to use the cute little cupcake liners...mostly because I hate cleaning up the baked on messes...and because the muffins look so cute all dressed up!

But, when I looked in my cupboard, I found an empty cupcake liners in sight. What's a girl to do? I grabbed my parchment paper and my kitchen shears...and went to work.

I used square pieces of parchment paper pushed down into the individual holes. Then I filled the paper 3/4 the way full and baked according to the directions on the package.

The paper corners browned ever so slightly in the oven, which give the muffins a very home-made look (in a good way). We (the moms at the class) were amazed by how easily and cleanly the parchment paper peeled off of the mini muffins themselves, leaving less crumbly mess and more muffin to eat. One of the ladies made the comment, "They look like something Martha Stewart would bring to a party." Really?!? I'm no Martha Stewart (I mean, who is? Martha isn't even Martha Stewart all by herself)...but I do appreciate the compliment. And, I could possibly see something like these in the pages of her magazine :)

The Fancy Mini Muffins were a big hit! I didn't get a picture of them sitting nicely on a square plate, but trust me they we CA-UTE! Maybe they were a tad more of a 'Country Chic' mini muffins than Fancy...which one do you think fits best?
I would like to make a challenge: next time, skip the paper liners and try parchment paper instead-it's less messy when you peel it away from the muffin...and it looks fun, too ;)

And, hey ya'll, don't forget the check out and enter my GIVEAWAY. You can find the prize list here and enter the giveaway here.

Are you excited??? I know I am :) *Giveaway is now closed

The giveaway will be closing soon! It's only open until Monday, February 25, at 11:59 pm EST. This will give me enough time to contact our winners and mail off the packages before we leave Puerto Rico.

Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Giveaway: List of Prizes

Remember, on the third Thursday of every month, my Sis-in-law, Tash, writes about her recent crafty adventures. However, Third Thursdays with Tash have been delayed this month. Tash and her hubby bought their first house this last week, and are currently in the process of unpacking and setting up the all-important internet connection…but we’ll hear from Tash as soon as they are all settled in. In the meantime, have you heard about the giveaway?
*Update: The Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering. Check back frequently, we plan to do this again soon!

I've been packing up my craft/sewing stuff, and I've decided I can't possibly take up two full suitcases with just fabric and paper…so I am giving away some fun craft/sewing supplies to you!

To enter the giveaway: click here and leave me a comment telling me what you would like to win and what you plan to do with it or who you plan to give it to.

Want to know what you could win?  *Giveaway is now closed


  • Corduroy fabric (1 ¼ yard each of coordinating corduroy fabric) Perfect for making a soft textured blanket
  • Boy fabric (1 yard each black with red stars, black with yellow stars, and tan with black guitar fabric). Great for pj pants, appliques, quilts, etc. Bonus: 1/8 yard of soft white knit fabric
  • Tutu kit (1/4 yard each sparkly aqua, hot pink and sparkly light pink tulle, strips of teal tulle, large pieces of lavender tulle and over 1 yard of ½” elastic) Make a multi colored no-sew tutu in no time. Bonus: pieces of ballet pink stretch lace and navy polyester fabric-pieces large enough to make probably two small purse/bags like this or even doll clothing.

Paper Sets (greeting card sets and card kits):
  • From the Heart greeting cards (set of 4, includes matching envelopes)
    • (2) High Heel Bling greeting cards (2 sets of 3, includes matching envelopes)
    • Spring Mix greeting cards (set of 4, two each design, includes matching envelopes

    • Holiday Mix greeting cards (set of 4, two Christmas and two Halloween, includes matching envelopes)

    • Post Cards Kit (supplies to make 3 of each design: black ‘hello’, ‘Dude’ and ‘Best Wishes’…includes matching envelopes). Some assembly needed.

    • Friends Kit (supplies to make 1 of each: vintage stamp 3x3, Thanks for the Lift, yellow and pink 3x3 and musical toile in sepia…includes matching envelopes). Some assembly needed.

    • Love Kit (supplies to make 1 each: toy train 3x3, Love herringbone, Made With Love, and yellow and pink 3x3…includes matching envelopes). Some assembly needed.


    Jewelry Making Kits:
    • (2) Random Jewelry Kits (each kit includes supplies to create a couple necklaces, multiple sets of earrings, a chain bracelet, a stretchy bracelet and more). Some assembly needed.

    • (2) Mini Rosette Necklace Kits (each kit includes supplies to make two mini rosette necklaces {all findings needed are included) and a pair of earrings). Some assembly needed.

    Hair Accessory Kits:
    • (5) FOE Headband Kits (each kit includes supplies to make a couple of fold-over-elastic headbands {amount depends on sizes of headbands made} and three + hair clips). Each kit is different, but equally creative. Some assembly needed.

    • (3) Hair Clip Kits (each kit includes supplies to make 5+ flower hair clips…fancy-it-up using coordinating French veiling, faux pearls, buttons and mesh tubing for extra special accessories). Each kit is different, but equally cute. Some assembly needed.

    Craft Supplies:
    • (2) Bags-O-Ribbon (each bag contains approximately 8 yards of ribbon or trim…some of which are pre-cut to make flat single loop bows). Each kit is different, but both have great variety. Use ribbon/trim in sewing projects, wrapping presents, hair accessories, hanging frames, etc.

    • Random Craft Kit (this kit contains new elastic thread, new black Velcro, new Fabric Fusion fabric glue pen, unused white woven child headband, (2) new packages of paper flower cut-outs, permanent double-sided tape, silver studs, assortment of buttons, strips of stretchy lace, and felt flower shaped buttons). Make a unique flower headband, or add these supplies to your craft arsenal to pump-up your inspiration.

    Remember:  *Giveaway is now closed
    To enter the giveaway: click here and leave me a comment telling me what you would like to win and what you plan to do with it. Also, please follow all instructions given in the post (including the rules listed at the beginning) so that you qualify to be a winner. The giveaway will be open until next Monday, February 25, at 11:59 pm EST. This will give me enough time to contact our winners and mail off the packages before we leave Puerto Rico.

    Have any questions? I’d be happy to answer them-comment below or shoot me an email.

    Hope you have the perfect start to a wonderful weekend!!!