Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Custom Caveman Shirt

I received a custom order through my Etsy shop just before leaving Puerto Rico. The customer wanted a caveman inspired shirt for her son to wear on a fieldtrip (coinciding with the new movie The Croods).

This shirt was pretty simple to make once I got the design all figured out. Do you have a little person (or not so little person) in your life that might want a Caveman shirt, too? Let me show you how I made this shirt:

The customer sent me a rough computer sketch, and this is my pencil sketch.

I had a friend (back in Utah) go shopping for fabric, but ended up finding some in Puerto Rico (much to my surprise) that I liked. After tracing the shirt (for size) onto my freezer paper, I sketched the shirt design onto the freezer paper-this helps make your appliques the right size for the shirt your are working with :)

Don't you just love my Mom-in-law's pattern weights? Widget loves playing with them, which is why I usually have to sew during nap time when we are at Grandma's house.

After drawing the 'shirt' design, I traced the neckline and added the shell took a couple of attempts to decide which shell and in what size I liked the best. If you are not familiar with the movie, I used a sea shell necklace on the shirt because the 'teenage boy' character in the movie wears a shell necklace.

Once the pattern is all traced, I ironed the entire freezer paper sheet onto my animal print fabric and cut out the pattern (cutting through both the freezer paper and the fabric).

I didn't want the entire applique to be stiff (like when a full sheet of adhesive backing is used), so I used a roll of  'hem tape' and strategically placed the strips around the edge of the applique and throughout the rest of the applique---

--then I peeled each strip backing (the white paper shown) off as I ironed the applique onto the tshirt (working from the bottom of the shirt upward).

I picked up some leopard print (slightly) fuzzy letters at Hobby Lobby and spelled out the boys name across the back to the shirt (like you would see on a jersey).

And, then I mailed it off to the customer!

Oh, and I also used a couple different fabrics (sewn together) to make the shell. After sewing 3 or 4 fabrics together, I ironed the freezer paper down onto the collection, then cut out the pattern and adhered it to the shirt using the same method as with the animal print. I think it gave the shell a more realistic's pretty hard to find a shell (like the shape I used) that is a consistent color throughout. 
Now you can make your child (grandchild, other child) a caveman shirt...Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Washi Thank You Cards

Remember the giveaway of craft supplies that took place about a month ago? Well, I wanted to share the quick and easy cards I made to thanks the ladies that entered the giveaway.

What I used:
Charcoal postcards (pre-cut extra thick cardstock)
Variety of Washi tape
Silver permanent marker

First, the postcards were bought in a large multicolored pack (including matching envelopes) from Michaels crafts. I ripped different lengths of Washi tape, and placed the strips on the front of the postcard, using varying directions to create differing designs. Then I used a silver marker to write on the dark cards.

It's a pretty simple card design, but it's cute and quick. It's also a versatile design which can be replicated using other colors of tape, paper pieces or fabric you could stick to the same overall card design, but create lots of different works of art ;)

What have you done with Washi tape?

P&F Party Invitations

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Third Thursdays with Tash: New face for our Fireplace

Remember, on the third Thursday of every month, my Sis-in-law, Tash, writes about her recent crafty adventures. Take it away, Tash!

Preston and Ashley weren't the only ones moving, Spencer and I moved too.  Instead of halfway across the United States, we only moved ten minutes across town, into our first house!  It’s said the grass grows greener on the other side.  It’s not true.  All sides of the desert are shades of brown.  But if we’re going to live in the desert we might as well live comfortably in a house where we can craft and woodwork to our hearts content.  Or if you're a Chandler boy move rocks to your heart's content.  
The house we bought is in good shape, it just needs some updating and a good coat of paint.  Which we found perfect!  But after buying the house we couldn't afford paint, much less updating.  So we had to find a home improvement project that was really cheap.  Would you believe me if I said refinishing the fireplace was free?  Well it was.

Meet the blotchy brick fireplace.  It was not relaxing to look at.  I’m not a fan of brick fireplaces, especially painted brick.  After seeing this eyesore I could understand why someone would paint it.  However blotchy is easier to fix than paint removal.  Here’s how…

I first sanded the surfaces focusing on the white bricks.  I’ve used very few power tools in my life, but Spencer’s fancy multi-head-sanding-and-oscillating-tool was a cinch.
After I turned the fireplace a lovely shade of pink, Spencer vacuumed the dust up.  A good scrub later and it was decision time.  My first thought was to dye it with concrete stain.  The problems were, no money, a tiny Home Depot that probably doesn’t carry it, and we didn’t want it really dark.  

Spencer’s solution was a can of shellac he bought for a different project.  One of the perks of being married to a rocket scientist, he likes to solve problems.  ;)

Using Shellac was brilliant!  It smells sweet, and dries in less than five minutes. So if you have kids or pets, a sensitive nose, or a tiny budget, grab the Shellac.  Oh and wear your ugly grungy clothes.  It’s not required, but it would make me feel better. :D

TA DA!  Well, almost.  We made it this far in half a Saturday.  The last row of bricks was completed the next day when the sun came back so we could see.  
It took a few days for the shellac to cure, and has consequentially lightened up a little.  However it still looks much better than it did.  Something we can’t say for the first wall color we tested.  I like pink, but not as my fireplace or my wall color.  Thank goodness for paint samples.

See you next month with some more “homework.”

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Again! I'm Back!

After moving back to Puerto Rico, being stranded on a drive down to the in-laws, driving a rental car the first weekend back, grocery shopping 5 days in a row, and the list goes on and on...

But amidst the craziness called life, we decided to make a big mess. And that mess now resides in my bathroom...and we only have one working shower. Want to see the demo?

And, Widget's Birthday is this week :) so we've also been planning and prepping her birthday party. We decided to throw a 'friends party'...mostly because Widget hasn't seen any of the kids her age (in our MO area) in about 9 months, so it's like a 're-introduction' party. I'm saving the theme of the party to reveal at a later date...but I'll give you a little peak:

Can you tell what's in the picture? Does it give you a clue as to what the party theme is?
The party is this Saturday, and we are all excited :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Culebra Vacation

We are crazily packing all our possessions, so we are ready to fly back to Missouri (permanently-well a permanent as we can at the moment). We've been running around all weekend, and yesterday, getting ready for the move. I will be taking a few days off from the blog (a few more days, that is) until we are settled back at home...please forgive me my absence, but I hope you'll understand. But before I go, I promised to share pictures from our (my hubby and my) mini vacation to Culebra, Puerto Rico.
 Waiting for the ferry-oh look, we match :)
 Jeep Rental
 Our luggage
 Our rental house
 The bathroom
 Beautiful place
Sunset on the first night-view from our balcony 

 First beach...Danger sign at entrance
 Sign says: Danger, unauthorized personnel keep out. Possible unexploded military ammunitions. If you see a suspect item, do not touch, call the local police at (787)7423501
The hike to the beach (past the Danger sign)
 The view of the ocean from the beach
 I fell coming into shore from snorkeling, and I hit a sea urchin...only painful for a couple of hours :)
 Our cute mugs after snorkeling-we both have lovely hair, I know
 Random chickens on the beach
 The hike back to the car
 The view from the top of the hike
 Our drive to another beach
 Another view on the island
The foliage on the island is not nearly as green on the main island of Puerto Rico, the coloring reminds me of summers in Utah (a little green, but still brown) 
 Sunset on our second night, from one of the beaches
 Sunset walk on the beach
 Lovely super soft sand
 Breaking waves
 A new beach on our 4th day

 My sandy toes
 Seashell hunting on the 3rd day

 Big crab-y claws (still alive)
 Our orangey-yellow jeep
More seashell hunting
Most of these pictures were taken in/on Culebra, Puerto Rico (except the ferry picture). The small island in the picture above has a couple of beaches as well. We kayaked over to the island (took longer than expected, and we fought the current on the way back to the dock)...anyway, we kayaked to the island to do some snorkeling. None of our cameras/phones are completely waterproof, so we didn't take them with us-which means there are no pictures of the prettiest beach we visited, or of us kayaking :)

If you are thinking about taking a vacation to somewhere in the Bahamas or Caribbean, Culebra just might be a good fit for you. It is busy in the town (the only real city on the island), but during the week, every other place on the island is pretty vacant...and quite lovely!

Let me know if you have any questions about Puerto Rico, Culebra, or traveling in general. I'd be more than happy to share all the information I have (and my husband has) gained over the last couple of years.

I hope you get to enjoy a good vacation somewhere beautiful this year! Thanks for stopping by!