Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Spider and the Fly

Remember, on the third Thursday of {almost} every month, my Sis-in-law, Tash, writes about her recent crafty adventures. Take it away, Tash!

Happy Halloween Everybody!  I love this time of year.  Call me morbid, crazy, or macabre, but I love Halloween.  The weather cools off, you get to wear a cool costume, your neighbors give you free candy, and I can put spooky signs and "body parts" on display and people think I'm some sort of home decor genius.  Did I mention all that candy you are allowed to eat?  It's awesome.

This year I wanted to decorate the outside of my home, because I actually have a front porch to decorate!  I took my inspiration from the black widows that decided to decorate our house early.  They did a great job, but they were a little too scary for my taste.  I would like the Trick-or-Treaters to come to my door, not run away.  How will I eat them if the black widows get them first?  ;)

My grand plan was to make this huge tunnel of web leading to the door.  Then I thought I should be realistic, and just make a few around the trees.  Then I was reminded that they will be torn to shreds in minutes thanks to the serious wind we get around here.  Just when I was about to despair that I wouldn't be able to lure the children into my cauldron, my sweet hubby came up with the PVC frame.  Here's how I did it...

You'll need half inch PVC pipes cut to the length of your choice; a corner connector, that adapter thingy if the corner piece only comes with threads, caps to keep out the real spiders, and some yarn, twine, or string.  Oh and scissors, they are quite useful.

Start by making a triangle, then tie on the supports for your web.  Now your ready to start winding, and weaving your web.  The first time I started in the center and worked out. When I added the spider he was too heavy for my loose web.  Also the center was drooping because I was able to make it tighter as I worked outwards.  So I took it apart and did it again, this time working from the outside to the center.  It worked much better.  Then attach the spider and the fly.

Side note: Spencer and I made these spiders our first Halloween as a married couple.  We were poor and I was sick.  On the way home from work Spencer picked up pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes from the dollar store.  Making spiders worked better than chicken soup, I felt better instantly!

The last step is to strategically place it where the Trick-or-Treaters will feel like coming closer.

Happy Halloween!