Friday, February 28, 2014

Organization: my pantry

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on Instagram how I was re-organizing my kitchen pantry. In total, I cleaned out the entire pantry along with the two cupboards near the stove that hold food items.

 I started by pulling everything out of the pantry (which accumulated in the kitchen in the above middle) and wiped down the shelves. Once I had a clean slate, I could focus on where to put my food items. I started by placing the most used items closer to the entrance of the pantry, and went from there.
I'm in love with my new organized area, making it easier to pull ingredients for meals. I asked my IG and Facebook followers for suggestions during this process, and I thought I'd share what information I gleaned:
Jen said: converted a hall closet to industrial metal food cabinets... Only kitchen holds cooking supplies, cook books, and spices.
Judy said: Pitch all things out of date. It will lighten your load and make room for more. List things you pitched to buy only if you use them a lot.
Jim said: Start with the trash can.

My peeps are so smart--Thanks for your help and support! And if you would like, feel free to hop over and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

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