Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quick Heart Garland

Now that we've entered the LOVEly month of February, have your broken out your Valentine's Day décor? I have not opened my storage box filled of red, pink and white knick knacks, but I did throw together a few cute banners. And the best part? The banners only took a handful of supplies (and didn't cost very much to make)!

I started by grabbing two bags of XL confetti from Walmart for 97 cents each. I used my scissors and some ribbon or twine, as well. I also used my glue gun to attach two hearts together around the twine (think sandwich) and then strung it up above the command center in the kitchen.

See! Cute red, pink, and white hearts hanging above our family chore chart :)
While I was in the banner making mood, I grabbed a box of large conversation heart stickers (also from Walmart for less than $4) and some ribbon.

I sandwiched pink ribbon between the foam style stickers (only pulling the backing off one heart, and adhering the stickiness to the backing of the other heart - while keeping the ribbon in between).  Keep going until you make a banner the length you'd like... I made mine long enough to drape across our mantle.

Here's a little close-up of the conversation heart banner.

I even used some festive red chevron washi tape to attach the banners to the mantle.

Fun, right! And you can make banners like this using paper shapes, or maybe felt...both would be so cute :)

Happy crafting!

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