Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Braided Crown

 We've been having fun with new hairstyles as Widget's hair grows longer. Check out this crown I made her--a Braided Crown!
 I pulled some of her hair into a small high ponytail, then French braided the hair around the ponytail. The pinwheel effect is made by pulling small amounts of hair from the ponytail into the French braid. I then added some red rhinestone flowers into the braid to give it an added element of festivity :)
And this is what Widget's hair looked like that evening after I took the braid out. She thought it was great fun looking a bit like a lion...she even growled for me!

Have you tried any fun braids in your hair lately?


  1. Wow - I love that! I'll have to try it in a few years when K's hair gets longer ...

    1. It's super easy, I hope you give it a shot :)


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