Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Miniature Nest Tutorial

 Now that we've passed St. Patty's Day, let's get to prepping your Spring decor! And, why not start out with a small a miniature sized project...I'm going to show you how I made a Miniature Nest to go in my miniature glass dome display, and it was super easy! Want to make one for yourself? Here ya go!

You only need three items to make a Miniature Nest:
-Twine (a little thicker braid is better)
-Button (about the size you would like the finished nest to be) My button was approx. 1.25" diameter
-Hot Glue Gun/Glue
 Start by gluing the end of your twine to the edge of the button, like so...
 Continue running hot glue around the edge of the button, attaching the twine all the way around. Once the button edge is completely covered, start using the glue to 'stack' the twine on top of itself...
 Continue building the nest by 'stacking' the twine row by row, until the nest is as deep as you like...but do not cut the twine yet.
 Once the preferred height is met, start gluing the twine inside the nest, covering up the button. Starting on the outer most edge of open button-face, keep gluing twine around and around until everything is covered. You can see the end of my twine is poking up from the center of my nest (below).
 Remember to glue any loose ends down (so they do not get in the way later) and remove any glue gun strings that may have been left over (I hate those things!). Tada! You now have a Miniature Nest of your very own :)
The picture above shows off the miniature size of the nest; the glass base is approximately 2.25" in diameter.

Use your Miniature Nest to add to your Spring/Easter decor...and it can be styled several ways!
*the eggs positioned in my Miniature Nest are actually Cadbury Candy Coated Mini Chocolate Eggs (and it took quite a bit of restraint to not eat all the candies while working on this project)

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