Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mother's Day in the Garage

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Hey friends!
How has your month gone?  I hope it has been fun.  Mother's day came early to our house, because my mother was coming to visit.  My loving husband decided while they were visiting to put the crew to work, just for me.  Well and for him too.  For some unknown reason the washer and dryer live in the garage, right next to the garage door.  I know, HUH!?  Why would you ever want to do your laundry in the dirty garage?  In the summer it's the blisteringly hot dirty garage, because there is no insulation.  I know, I know, Who Designed THAT!?!  In the summer, laundry day is a miserable day.  Thanks to Spencer, my mom, her husband Dave, and my tall little bro Patrick, those days for me are over!

We began the project of beautifying, and more importantly insulating the garage, by adding more trusses.  Building codes have updated since our house was built, and we had half the amount now required.  Yikes!

At the end of the day it looked like this.

On day two we, meaning everybody except me, got to work putting up the insulation and the sheet rock.  Insulation makes me itchy, and there are other things in it that pregnant ladies should avoid.  My job was to hand screws to the strong men screwing the sheet rock to the ceiling, and to stay out of the way as much as possible.  It was harder than Patrick's job.

Here Patrick is working really hard on his second job.  He was making sure that sheet rock was secure... Or was it checking if the random plunger stuck to everything?

Thanks to all their help and Dave's fancy tools, we managed to get it all up in one day, and the seams mudded.  Just in time too...

After Mom, Dave, and Patrick left, Spencer and I finished the garage ceiling.  Really all it needed was a coat of paint to protect the sheet rock from dust and car exhaust, but where is the fun in that?  Spencer used the opportunity to practice texturing a ceiling.  It's harder than it looks, but goes by really fast.  I chose to paint with color.

After looking through the Oops Paint Section at the Home improvement store I found two that would work.  One was a bright teal, the other a warm gray.  Because I love Spencer, I like to protect his forehead from wrinkling.  I chose the gray.  If you aren't locked on a color or type of paint, the Oops section is wonderful.  The paint I found was normally $35.  I bought it for $7.  Score!

Now if I ignore the floor and the garage door, it almost looks like I have a real laundry room!  The best part will be in the dead of summer when this lady is super pregnant, but no longer melting at the thought of laundry.  I'm so grateful Mother's day came early.  I feel the love. <3

See you next month!

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