Monday, April 21, 2014

Paper Plate Easter Baskets

Just wanted to post a quick mini tutorial today: Paper Plate Easter Baskets
Above is my quick example, which is why it's not pretty colored :)
Want to make your own?
You will need:
Paper plates (cheap kind)
Long pipe-cleaners
Stapler and staples
Hole punch
Crayons/anything to decorate the plates

First: decorate your paper plate. The underside of plate will show the most, so you might want to direct more focus there :)

Second: cut the plate (using scissors)-there will be a total of 4 cuts made. Without cutting all the way through the plate, make two parallel cuts, cut the edge into thirds...repeat on the other side (again, without cutting all the way through).
Fold the middle sections (that you just cut) to creat the bottom of the basket. Fold the sides of the plate to overlap the center piece (that you just folded up), and repeat with the matching side then staple all three layers together.

To add handles, hole punch one hole on each side of the basket (just above your staples). Feed two pipe-cleaners into the hole about 1inch (or longer if needed) and fold the ends back up to twist around the other side of the pipe-cleaner. Repeat on the other side of the basket.

You are now ready to collect eggs or other treasures! Here are a few examples from Widget's Kindergarten class. The kids were advised to decorate the insides of their baskets as well, aren't they cute!?!

These are perfect for toddlers (with a little help) and older--let the kids imaginations take over! Have fun making these easy Paper Plate Easter Baskets 

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