Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple Spring Decor: Cheap Way to Beautify Flower Pots

Spring is such a beautiful time of year...seeing all the new growth, sweet birds (and tons of worms), and vibrant renewal of colors. I love the changing of the seasons (which is probably why Spring and Autumn are my favorite times of year)! And, while grocery shopping I happened upon this sweet little plant which I couldn't resist taking home with me :)
I actually picked up two of these pretties. Widget and I decided to give one to her Kindergarten teacher and one to a close friend of mine/ours. Of course these flowers are pretty on their own, but I thought I could up the 'cute factor' of the plain plastic pots.
I grabbed some lace-inspired washi tape, and got to work on the plastic pots.
I started by wrapping washi tape around the water tray first, then use the same technique around the pot itself. The effect is super simple (and CHEAP), but very pretty.
After hand-delivering each flower, I kind of wished I had bought an extra one for our house...But, I did get a few pretty pictures for my (and now your) viewing pleasure :) Whether the pots are plastic or a type of pottery, you now have a simple and cheap way to beautify flower pots!

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