Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ashley's Hounds-tooth Baby Quilt

Remember, on the third Thursday of {almost} every month, my Sis-in-law, Tash, writes about her recent crafty adventures. Take it away, Tash!

Hello again!  I know you haven't heard from Ashley all month, but she has been busy with her Cinco de Mayo baby.  She's a chunk, and a cutie, with lots of blonde hair like her aunt.  I'm so proud.  Check out Ashley's Facebook page, or Instagram to see the adorable-ness.  :)

You may not know this, but Ashley loves hounds-tooth.  Ever since the first day I met her she has owned at least one pair of hounds-tooth ballet flats, and a hounds-tooth scarf or three.  So when Ashley announced that she was having a baby I didn't have to think hard about what quilt pattern to sew up. 

I don't sew a humility block, I make enough mistakes on my own.  See how the stripes are going the wrong way?  
I thought about colors for a long time with this quilt.  Black and white was the obvious choice, and a choice Ashley would instantly approve of.  However black and white, or gray and white had been done all over blogland, and I wanted to try something else.  I stumbled across a purple ombre hounds-tooth quilt over on V and Co.  Vanessa makes some pretty quilts, and that purple ombre spoke to me.  

Straight line quilting with various widths.
I of course didn't want to buy purple and then discover Ashley was having a boy.  Not that boys can't like purple, I just didn't want to confuse anybody on the gender of the baby.  {In case you didn't catch it, She's A Girl!}  That's when I came across a black and gray ombre fabric on clearance.  Wohoo!  It was the best of both worlds, ombre, and black and white.  Plus I could put whatever color I wanted on the back.  Dilemma solved!
The funky floral back.
The final color dilemma was solved when we learned that the wiggly baby is a girl.  Coral is another Ashley favorite.  When I found the funky floral pattern in dark and light coral, I couldn't dream of something better.  It didn't say the search has ended, it screamed it.

The only thing left to do was sew it together and mail it off.  Of course the sewing part takes the longest.  Even longer when you choose to finish the binding by hand.  I don't always finish quilts by hand, but sometimes a quilt just needs that clean crisp edge.  After struggling to keep the little points in just the right spot, this quilt needed a clean line to finish it.

My quilts have received lots of compliments...and critiques.  I think Ashley's are my favorite. "It's very me." and "I may have squealed out loud when I opened it."