Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Newborn Pictures Wiggly Girl

Mandy took some newborn pictures of Wiggly Girl, but she wasn't super cooperative, so we ended up having a second round a few weeks later. I'm happy to show you both.

I'll start with the first set. Wiggly Girl was about two weeks old.

And the next set were taken just over 4 weeks old...

 Check out her cute painted piggies :)

 Maybe I should become a hand model...or I could just stick with this new mommy gig, it's pretty rewarding

Did you have newborn pictures taken of your little ones? Did you take them to a studio, another location or have the photographer come to your home?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh Baby! Part 2

The day after Wiggly Girl was born, I had a friend (Mandy) come take pictures.
 This child was born with crazy long platinum blonde hair.

 She had an awesome cry face!

Oh Baby! Part 1

Well, my lovely friends, it has definitely been awhile. I hate making lame excuses, but I thought you might think this excuse is pretty cute.

I was induced 2 days after my due date.
 I consumed several Popsicles and watched some of my favorite movies (like How to Train Your Dragon)

My Wiggly Girl finally made her grand entrance...
 If you did not notice, my baby ended up being 9 lbs 3 oz...much larger than my first (who was 6 lbs 11 oz)
  This is my Cinqo de Mayo baby :)

 Sorry for the not-so-awesome pictures, but my phone was really handy at the time ;)

I plan to share more pictures soon!