Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Wiggly Girl!

Okay...I figured I should share a recent update of our family. Wiggly Girl turned one year old in May (yes, I know I'm a little my defense, her pictures weren't taken until a little over 3 weeks past her birthday to begin with). My dear friend Mandy, who also took her newborn pictures, did a fabulous job capturing Wiggly Girl's personality.

Just as a reminder, here is what she looked like in the hospital (see more pictures from that day here, or you can read a little about her birth here):

At about 1 week old with Widget:

And her newborn photo shoot a couple of weeks after that:

And now at (roughly) 1 year-old:
 Mommy getting Wiggly Girl ready for pictures.

 Swoop the Owl is one of her best friends...

 Crazy hair, don't care

 Big Blue Eyes!

 I promise I did not pose her like this...that's all her!

 Always on the move...yep, she's a toddler for sure

 Just chillaxin'  

 She loves to clap and say "YAY!" It was her first word, after all :)

And, of course, Widget really wanted in on these I now present to you, the Sisters!
It is crazy how time has flown by. I mean, just yesterday it seemed like I was hoping to get pregnant with Wiggly Girl and now she is so grown up! (well...for a baby, anyway). We love having her in our family-she keeps life interesting, entertaining, and painful (she loves to give big open-mouth kisses with teeth attached--ouch!). 

Thanks for sticking around!

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