Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Wiggly Girl!

Okay...I figured I should share a recent update of our family. Wiggly Girl turned one year old in May (yes, I know I'm a little my defense, her pictures weren't taken until a little over 3 weeks past her birthday to begin with). My dear friend Mandy, who also took her newborn pictures, did a fabulous job capturing Wiggly Girl's personality.

Just as a reminder, here is what she looked like in the hospital (see more pictures from that day here, or you can read a little about her birth here):

At about 1 week old with Widget:

And her newborn photo shoot a couple of weeks after that:

And now at (roughly) 1 year-old:
 Mommy getting Wiggly Girl ready for pictures.

 Swoop the Owl is one of her best friends...

 Crazy hair, don't care

 Big Blue Eyes!

 I promise I did not pose her like this...that's all her!

 Always on the move...yep, she's a toddler for sure

 Just chillaxin'  

 She loves to clap and say "YAY!" It was her first word, after all :)

And, of course, Widget really wanted in on these I now present to you, the Sisters!
It is crazy how time has flown by. I mean, just yesterday it seemed like I was hoping to get pregnant with Wiggly Girl and now she is so grown up! (well...for a baby, anyway). We love having her in our family-she keeps life interesting, entertaining, and painful (she loves to give big open-mouth kisses with teeth attached--ouch!). 

Thanks for sticking around!

Friday, June 5, 2015

One Year Older: Wiggly Girl Fun Facts

Happy Birthday to our Wiggly Girl!

On Cinco de Mayo (2015), our littlest one actually turned one.year.old! Our little blonde baby is now a quick toddler with a special skill in locating electronics. She has grown so much in the last 12 months, and since it had been 6 years since we actually had an infant/baby in our house, there was a whole lot of re-discovering of funny milestones. Because we think it's interesting, I would like to share 50 Fun Facts about Onyx :P

 Although every milestone and detail is super exciting in the moment, it is hard for us as parents to remember IT ALL after, like, 2 minutes of chasing, cleaning, cooking, and caring for our kids (I know I'm not alone in these sentiments!). So, I thought I'd make a list of things we can remember...that way I have it written down somewhere for reference ;)

 So here are a few Wiggly Girl Fun Facts:

 1. You were born 2 days past your due date (and Mommy had to be induced even though she walked a 5K on your due date to try to get the ball rolling)
2. You weighed 9 lbs 30 oz at birth and had a head full of platinum blonde hair
3. You were born the a Monday before Mother's Day in 2014
4. Even from the beginning, you have been very expressive with your eyebrows
5. You were super smiley in your sleep starting right before you were 2 weeks-old
6. We blessed you at church when you were 4 weeks-old
7. You have 2-4 dimples in your cheeks, depending on your smile
8. It took awhile for your hair to not just want to stand straight up (and poof out), at times your hair looked like a Troll Doll
9. Before you were 2 months-old, you could put your entire fist in your own mouth (that's talent!)
10. Your sister has always made you giggle and laugh the hardest

 11. When you get excited, you move A LOT...when you weren't mobile yet, you did a little move that looked like jumping jacks while laying on your back
12. Your first ponytail was at 11 weeks-old
13. Around 3 months-old, you started clasping your hands together when you laughed
14. As soon as you started rolling yourself over, you liked to bury your face into the mattress when you slept
15. You were pretty much sleeping through the night by about 3 months-old
16. Without using your hands, you could take off your own socks (special skill before you were mobile)
17. You have a cousin born in the same year (first time that happened in our family)
18. I use to paint your toes all.the.time...until you wouldn't hold still any more
19. At 13 weeks, you would roll from back to side (and scoot yourself around to face a different direction while on your side)
20. Widget taught you how to 'wrestle' around 14 weeks-old...and you have never stopped loving it

21. You have always been a perpetual teether
22. Your first pigtails topped your head at 15 weeks-old
23. You used your toes to grab things and bring them closer to your hands/face by 4 months-old
24. At 19 weeks-old, you could roll back to belly
25. I took you to Widget's school every Friday to help out in her 1st grade classroom. The kids adored you and thought you made a cute also had lots to say to them through the year
26. Many family friends lovingly called you Baby Elsa (a character from the hit movie Frozen that debuted the Christmas before you were born)
27. You took your first plane ride (and trip to Utah and Idaho) at 21 weeks-old
28. Your toes became your favorite thing to chew on at 22 weeks-old
29. Sweet potatoes were your first solid food (around 5 months-old)
30. You started pulling yourself forward while on your belly before 6 months-old--combination army crawl and worm wiggle

31. Your first hair cut was at 5 months-old
32. You slept at the end of our walk-in closet in a pack-n-play until you were about 6 months-old, then you shared a room with your sister
33. You were a ladybug for your first Halloween
33. First tooth appeared at 29 weeks-old (the eye tooth bottom left)
34. Sat without help by 7 months-old, and able to crawl out of a sitting position
35. You totally look like a cabbage patch doll when you hair is pulled up out of your face
36. You like rolling (and bouncing) any kind of ball--it makes you giggle
37. Started using a pincher grasp about 8 months-old
38. First french braid in your hair at 8 months-old
39. Whenever possible, I liked to dress you and Widget up in matching outfits (it's a Mom's right!)
40. Started really waving (think fingers moving from open hand to fist then open again) at 9 months-old
41. Pulled self to standing around 9 months-old
42. Had 3 teeth by 9 months-old and always chewed with one finger in your mouth
43. You love listening to piano music
44. Started climbing the stairs at 10 months-old
45.You love the shower, and the tub, but really water in general :)
46. About 4 weeks before your birthday, you were walking without help
47. You love to wrestle with your Daddy and Sister (and even pillows) on the family room floor
48. By your 1st Birthday, you had 8 teeth (4 on top & 4 on bottom)
49. While sitting, you wiggle your toes when concentrating
50. You are still adorably chubby, and growing up all the time

I better stop myself there! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Wiggly Girl! We are so very happy to have your sweet spirit in our family!