All About Me

Hey ya'll, I'm Ashley!
I am a creative wife, novice mother, handy crafter and strong woman---pretty much, I'm just like you. I love to share my projects, and maybe inspire a few other strong women in the process. A few random facts about me:
  •  I recently purchased my first pair of skinny jeans-EVER-and I even wear them responsibly.
  • My Widget is a pre-teen in a pre-schooler's body. She even talks so fast that she stutters...mostly to let her mouth catch up with her brain.
  • I was that quiet cheerleader in High School that never had a breakout (not to be confused with break-up)...and then I grew up and experienced the horror of having the face of a teenager. My fingers are crossed that I out grow the entire 'acne stage' by 30...wish me luck!
  • At least one room in my house is clean a majority of the time...but not necessarily the same room week to week (or even day to day). A girl has to craft somewhere, am I right? And so, what if those crafts get spread throughout the house with no remorse???
  • My Hubby travels about 80% of the week. And while he is gone, I try my hand at power tools. (free reign over power tools and crafting in every room of the house while he is gone...score!)
My blog is a wondrous place where I can talk about my creativity and my life (which are inexplicably linked, of course). Excitement, perseverance, faith, service, love, disappointment, gladness and creativeness are all part of my adventures -- and I like to keep it real, so I share a little bit of anything that is happening on my side of the fence with my Lovely Stalkers (that's you!).

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog - very cute!

    I have a habit of always checking out the About Me sections - and once I read yours I HAD to comment. I, too, have adult acne (ughhh!) AND the Man travels over 80% of the year AND we're both Ashley's. So all those, I just had to stop in an say hi :)



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